Rakuten Takeout

Stand Up Free Online Ordering for Pickup, Today.

  • Easy & Free
  • New Channel
  • Bottom Line Boost
  • Digital First
  • Simple. Fast. Free.

    Immediately stand up your custom, online ordering website that will be promoted on Rakuten.com – but can also be used in your own email, social, or digital tactics.

  • New Revenue Channel

    Leverage the power of the Rakuten.com platform, of over 13MM members, to boost takeout orders and revenue. Rakuten funds 20% Cash Back to your customers, providing them real incentive to order from you through Rakuten Takeout!

    Same day pickup
  • Increase Margins

    As more customers lean toward pickup, you gain greater control over the fulfillment of your orders, while decreasing your delivery costs. No commission fees to start and no monthly fee, ever, for restaurants with less than 30 locations.

  • Get Digital

    Extend the boundaries of your brick & mortar business, increasing revenue opportunities and decreasing delivery costs when customers choose contactless pick-up.

Make it easy for customers to order online and pick up from your restaurant, cafe or bakery during this challenging time.


  • Easy

    Made simple & seamless for restauranteurs to onboard fast

  • Free

    No transaction fees for 6 months*

  • Contactless

    Friction free checkout & pickup for customers

  • Flexible

    Easy update and control your menu & pricing


  • Safe

    Less hands & cars touching a customer’s food

  • Support Local

    The perfect way for customers to ensure every cent goes to the restaurant

  • Cash Back

    Customers get cash back on every Takeout order

* 2.9% merchant processing fee exempt for San Mateo pilot. Transaction fees of 9.9% begins Nov 2020; half of this fee is shared with your customers in the form of cash back for Takeout orders.