Streamline morepickup orders

Improving operational efficiencies around order fulfillment & pickup. Being ready when your customers arrive increases throughput and customer satisfaction.

Extend the boundaries of your brick and mortar business.

Attract new customers and increase order value frequency with promotions to a high-value audience of over 15MM people on the Rakuten platform.

Close the gap between online and offline campaigns to bring customers into your stores.


Know when your click & collect customers are coming.

No one likes to wait, especially in this environment of increasing contactless demands.

For customers who have ordered ahead online, our predictive arrival technology sends notifications to your employees as customers are approaching, so orders can be brought out as they pull up.

  • Curbside & in-store pickup
  • Appointment check-in
  • Reserve online
  • Offer busy customers drive-up convenience at every location.

    You save customers time while becoming a hero by taking away the stress and wait. Reach customers anytime, anywhere through online shopping without the added cost of shipping.

    • Cut shipping costs

    • Easy pick and pack workflow

    • Minimize wait time by meeting customers at the curb

  • Eliminate wasted employee time.

    Our predictive arrival technology checks in customers as they approach, so they walk into your location ready to go. Get alerted when customers are late or missing an appointment so you can reallocate employee resources, saving time and money.

    • Optimize employee time

    • Remove manual check-in

    • Eliminate check-in bottleneck

  • Bring the human touch to eCommerce

    Online shopping can be impersonal. Make every customer feel like a VIP by having their reserved items waiting for them when they arrive. Drive incremental revenue by offering additional product recommendations.

    • Know when your VIP customers are coming

    • Additional upsell opportunities

    • Granular insights help optimize inventory and customer experience

Give your customers the experiencethey didn’t know they needed.