Know exactlywhen customersare arriving

Takeout suddenly your top priority? Make that takeout experience faster, safer, and more seamless.

Rakuten Ready for Restaurants
  • Tastea
  • ihop
  • Tastea
  • ihop
Lose the Wait

Streamline more takeout orders

Increase throughput while improving experience.

Predictive location technology increases operational efficiency, saving you time and money while bringing a great experience to your customers. Deliver great pick-up experiences to create loyal repeat customers.

Consistent Customer Experience

Drive more new customers to your restaurant

Leverage the power of the Rakuten platform of over 13MM members, to boost in-store traffic and revenue.

Close the gap between online and offline to bring customers in for contactless pickup.

  • Mobile order ahead
  • Curbside & in-store pickup
  • Drive-thru
  • Take the guesswork out of order prep.

    Predictive arrival technology tracks each customer’s journey, avoiding check-in challenges. It can also give your staff early visibility to demand from mobile orders. Customers who have great order ahead experiences are 95% likely to return for future mobile order ahead purchases.

    • Eliminate wait time

    • Hand off food while it's hot

    • Remove manual check-in

  • Deliver time back to your customers with new levels of convenience.

    Compared to delivery, curbside pickup is much more profitable for merchants and timesaving for customers. Research shows that 50% of consumers decide where to shop based on whether or not they could pick up in store. Don’t miss out on meeting your customers where they are.

    • Time food to always be fresh

    • Cut delivery costs

    • Meet customers where they are

  • Don’t let busy drive-through lanes turn away potential customers.

    Drive-through lanes can be congested at peak times, turning loyal customers away. Our research shows that by understanding when and where your customers are arriving, you can decrease customer wait time by 38%.

    • Increase throughput

    • Capture new or potentially lost customers

    • Happy customers mean repeat business

Give your customers the experiencethey didn’t know they needed.