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Posted by: Rakuten Ready / May 13, 2020

Rakuten Ready is committed to supporting businesses of all sizes to deliver a superior mobile order for pickup experience.

Today, we are excited to continue this commitment with the launch of our new ARRIVE Mobile App.

The ARRIVE Mobile App is a new addition to the ARRIVE platform enabling merchants to know exactly when customers will arrive to retrieve their online orders. The ARRIVE Mobile App gives merchants of all sizes, who don’t already have an existing mobile app, the ability to better manage the Order for Pickup process, while increasing fulfillment efficiency.

With the ARRIVE Mobile App, merchants get all the same benefits of Rakuten Ready’s ARRIVE predictive arrival technology platform. They will gain greater visibility on when exactly a customer is in transit, and get notifications when a customer has arrived to pick up an order. In turn, this allows employees to better organize and prepare orders for customer arrival, creating a seamless pickup process for both merchants and consumers.

“This pandemic has been a forcing function for businesses to refine their pickup experience to make it seamless and safer for both customers and employees,” said Jaron Waldman, CEO and Co-Founder of Rakuten Ready. “With the new ARRIVE Mobile App, it gives businesses without an app of their own the ability to better choreograph orders to provide a faster, more enjoyable pickup experience for their customers.


On top of customer pickup arrival information, merchants using ARRIVE will receive real-time analytics, including dwell and wait times, to ensure each order is handed over to the customer in a timely fashion. For example, restaurants can reorganize the order queue by arrival times provided by ARRIVE, to determine the right time to start preparing a takeout order, maximizing freshness and order accuracy, ensuring customers are not waiting for long periods of time.

After customers have placed an order online, they can use the ARRIVE Mobile App to see order details, such as order number, pickup time and, with location sharing, use it to identify themselves at the business when they arrive.

ARRIVE, available with the existing SDK or the new mobile app, is fundamentally different from geofencing and beacon platforms, and outperforms them through the use of machine learning that leverages real-time activities, trends, and traffic patterns.

The ARRIVE Mobile App is available for all iOS users in the App Store and the Android version of the ARRIVE Mobile App will be available shortly.

Learn more about the ARRIVE Mobile App here

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