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Posted by: Rakuten Ready / September 10, 2020

At Rakuten Ready, we are constantly improving our ARRIVE predictive arrival platform to assist merchants with their evolving operational needs due to COVID-19. One area we continue to improve is our ARRIVE Dashboard. Beyond the analytics capability, the ARRIVE Dashboard offers administration capabilities such as managing sites, users, and integration setup.

A key change we have recently made is to expand the site functionality to allow our merchant partners to make specific edits to individual parcel and zone maps within the ARRIVE Dashboard. Merchants have always been able to add or delete sites, but this new ability gives them the flexibility to adjust the parcel or zone map on their own. Rakuten Ready will continue to make parcel and zone changes for merchants if requested, but this provides a more self-serve model that merchants were seeking.

Today, we will explain the benefits and explore why this is so important for our merchant partners.

Adjust Your Site Map

For all our merchant sites, we have a parcel mapped to each site location. A parcel is an area delineated around your site. The parcel could be the same area as the lot where a business is located or it can include a building and the surrounding parking lot.

Within a parcel, ARRIVE allows a merchant to also add zone(s). Zones are designated areas within a parcel and are often used for designating parking spaces, such as those reserved for curbside pickup.

With ARRIVE, parcels and zones serve to trigger an event such as a customer entering or nearing the parcel or zone at the relevant site. The event triggered can be a notification, which then alerts the on-site employees that they then need to perform an action – such as bringing out a curbside pickup order or firing up a takeout order.

Typical Use Cases

By editing the parcel or zone, merchants can adapt operations whenever they need, to help their employees while also optimizing the customer experience. In the past, changes to parcels and zones were rare and would usually be the result of a change to the on-site location. For example, construction on the lot, infrastructure remodeling, or the addition of curbside spots.

Now, we are finding our merchants like making these changes themselves and we’ve seen some creative ways they have been using this new tool. Here are just some of the reasons why merchants are preferring to control and change their parcels and zones:

  1. Converting former parking spots into curbside parking: The lack of on-premise dining and in-store shopping has resulted in unused parking spots. Rather than keeping them vacant, some of our merchants have chosen to create or expand zones to add dedicated curbside parking or designated takeout parking. The site map is then updated so these events will trigger correctly when customers are arriving to pickup their orders.
  2. Optimizing the flow for quick and easy pickup: ARRIVE provides data and information beyond alerts around when a customer arrives. In particular, one useful metric is around customer dwell time (how long a customer is in the parcel or zone) as well as customer wait times. We know for the Rakuten Ready Time Study these two pieces of data have a strong correlation around customer satisfaction. By compiling this data, merchants can assess if customers are waiting too long and find ways to optimize the customer flow. This can include adding additional staffing during high traffic days and peak times.
  3. Testing Future Customer Concepts: We also have seen merchants completely redesign store layouts. Before they go nationwide, they pick individual stores with ARRIVE to test their ideas and concepts. They make temporary infrastructure changes to measure the results and see how they perform before making the change permanent.. An example could be turning a store into a curbside-only pickup location and measuring the wait times to see if there is better customer efficiency.

Editing Parcels and Zone is Easy

While Rakuten Ready will continue to create and edit parcels for merchants, they will also find it easy if they want to make their own changes.

By default, there is a basic parcel map when the site is created. This map is a distance-based map. If Rakuten Ready created your site, likely we have adjusted the parcel map to your physical location such as the area over your existing parking lot. In the picture below, is our simple map editor as well as the default map view. Simply drag the circles to redefine the parcel.

In the image below, we have drawn the parcel to now be around the initial point of interest. This is the area in red. You can then add zones if desired (but zones are not required). In our example, we’ve created two zones (in green) that can be used to differentiate where customers can park.

To edit your own sites, a merchant can simply follow the instructions here using our documentation The documentation will walk you through the details of how you can make your own edits. 

Allowing merchant partners the ability to edit parcels and zones, Rakuten Ready is providing the most flexibility and accuracy possible for each individual location.  By doing so, brands have the opportunity to fine tune their operations and processes to deliver the best possible customer experience across their locations.

Rakuten Ready is here to help implement a superior Order for Pickup experience 

At Rakuten Ready, as leaders in predictive arrival technology, we focus on enabling brands to quickly offer a seamless, efficient, and safe contactless experience. The world is changing rapidly and expectations are growing, so let Rakuten Ready help you move faster than ever. 

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