Understand exactly when customers will arrive with our Rakuten Ready ARRIVE integration into Olo

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Posted by: Rakuten Ready / July 29, 2020

Restaurants, now more than ever, are dependent upon an exceptional Order for Pickup experience, as most of their business has quickly become takeout. 

Since March, restaurants have seen an average 8.5x increase in weekly online order volume. As a result, Rakuten Ready developed an integration that works with Olo, enabling restaurants to quickly leverage predictive arrival technology to complement their order fulfillment process and deliver a more seamless Order for Pickup experience.

For many restaurants, Olo is the on-demand platform powering every stage of the digital order transaction. With the Rakuten Ready ARRIVE integration, restaurants can leverage our predictive arrival technology to understand exactly when their customers will arrive to pick up their food. 

By knowing precisely when customers will arrive, restaurants can prepare food to perfection while minimizing wait times and reducing on-site congestion, providing a safer and higher-quality customer pickup experience.

How does the integration work?

The integration setup is very straightforward. Once the integration is set up, the customer will order as usual but restaurants can better operationalize their kitchens around when customers will arrive.

So how does it work?

  1. The customer places an order for Pickup (via desktop, mobile web, or app).
  2. After an order is placed, the customer will receive a message through the merchant’s chosen channels – i.e. mobile app notification, SMS, email, etc. – with an order confirmation and instructions they need ahead of pickup (how and where to pickup).
  3. The store employees will be alerted on the ARRIVE Console that a customer is en route so they can start preparing the order ahead of time and have it ready for a contactless pickup experience.
  4. When ARRIVE detects a customer approaching, they will be auto-checked in (assuming they are using the mobile app and allowed location sharing). If the customer has not enabled location sharing, they can check-in by using an “I’m here” button in the mobile app or use SMS (depending on what is supported by the restaurant).
  5.  Once the customer arrives, the order can be immediately brought out to the customer curbside or it can be picked up in the restaurant, creating for a faster, more seamless pickup experience. 

The integration is invisible to customers, while the restaurant, now powered by Rakuten Ready ARRIVE, is able to see when customers are approaching and can prepare orders to be ready. 

What are the Benefits?

The Rakuten Ready ARRIVE integration provides many benefits, including:

  • Gain visibility into arrivals to deliver high-quality food and minimize wait times

Whether it’s for ASAP or ‘scheduled for later’ pickup, having visibility into actual arrival times is critical to having orders prepared on-time, so restaurants can optimize food quality and minimize wait times at the counter, curbside, or in the drive-thru. With our integration, you can quickly start increasing throughput and customer satisfaction.

  • Efficient, contactless order fulfillment keeps customers and employees safe 

Knowing when customers will arrive allows a merchant to reduce risk by ensuring they have the order ready – incorporating all required safety protocols – once they arrive. This minimizes the time customers are on-site as well as helping optimize the contactless experience.

  • Offer a better customer experience with a seamless customer journey 

Customers benefit from a seamless experience across their journey. They may not know ARRIVE is used to predict their arrival time, but they will appreciate it when their order is ready as they arrive and their food is ready, exactly as expected. The brand benefits from delivering a superior customer experience. 

It is critical that the integration provides benefits that will support not only future business expectations but also meet the needs of customers and employees. 

What is the setup process?

Best of all you can get started easily and quickly. Essentially, there a 4 steps to set up the integration:

  1. Olo Setup: Allow Rakuten Ready ARRIVE access to data permissions around Olo-specific ordering data such as order details, store numbers, etc.
  2. Rakuten Ready ARRIVE Setup: The Rakuten Ready team will enable the experience by setting up account access and permissions to the ARRIVE platform.
  3. Notifications and Alerts: The restaurant then customizes the channels (i.e. SMS, email, etc) and timing of customer notifications and messages ahead of order pickup.
  4. Testing and Deployment: Once live, Rakuten Ready will test across all locations to ensure you are ready to go live ahead of the launch date.

While no one business will have the same setup, the Rakuten Ready Customer Success team is here to help every step of the way (pre and post setup). The Rakuten Ready team brings years of experience having implemented ARRIVE across thousands of locations with brands of all sizes and industry types.

Let us help you quickly implement a superior Order for Pickup experience 

At Rakuten Ready, as leaders in predictive arrival technology, we focus on enabling restaurants to quickly offer a seamless, efficient, and safe contactless experience. The world is changing rapidly and expectations are growing, so let Rakuten Ready help you move faster than ever. Connect with us to understand how Rakuten Ready can assist your brand with implementing a superior contactless Order for Pickup experience right now.

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