‘Order for Pickup’ Scored During Super Bowl Weekend

Rakuten Ready

Posted by: Rakuten Ready / February 6, 2020

When it comes to prepping for Super Bowl Sunday, football fans are making one thing clear: They prefer to minimize their time spent running up and down the aisles at their favorite grocers and retailers, collecting chicken wings, chips, electronics, and party supplies. Consumers want to spend their pre-game in the comfort of their own homes with family and friends. Much like the holidays presented an opportunity for retailers to shine, the Super Bowl is a similar opportunity for many brands to delight consumers with their first experience with Order for Pickup.

No need to review the data

According to data by Rakuten Intelligence, consumers are taking more and more advantage of Order for Pickup during Super Bowl weekend — that is, ordering food, utensils, TV’s, game day apparel and more online and picking them up at the store — so they can beat the crowds plus save time and money over delivery. The data shows a 236% growth in Order for Pickup sales during Super Bowl weekend over the past three years with an average YOY growth rate of 54%, and this year is no exception with sales growing over 42%. With consumers busier than ever and less time for planning it is not a huge leap to expect Order for Pickup sales growth to continue for years to come.

Rollout your best game plan

Across tens of millions of orders captured by Rakuten Ready, the data very clearly shows that customers who wait less than two minutes to pickup an order are four times more likely to reorder in the future. So saving customers time and delivery fees during this busy weekend increases the odds dramatically that they will return again to buy more.

To encourage consumers to use Order for Pickup, many brands ran specials on essentials for a Super Bowl party. Kroger ran several promotions, including “five for $5” on chips, cheese and snack items, as well as 20% off party snacks. Members of Target’s loyalty program enjoyed 35% off selected snacks and beverages on Sunday only. Target customers also enjoyed a $10 gift card when they spent at least $50 on groceries. Retailers such as Costco and Sam’s Club both offered discounts of up to $30 off on certain Samsung TVs and soundbars.

Interestingly, shoppers aren’t leaving grocery shopping until the very last minute either. Compared to Super Bowl Sunday, grocery orders, on average, were almost 11% higher on Friday and 16% higher on Saturday over the past few years. Apparently, for many football fans, 24-48 hours of prep time is enough to get the party started before the big game.

Brands that focus on the experience will be big winners

Order for Pickup has become extremely popular with consumers, especially during the holidays and event weekends like the Super Bowl. The benefits aren’t hard to see: With Order for Pickup, customers save time and avoid the pitfalls of delivery like fees or an incorrect order. Those brands who are capitalizing on the Order for Pickup trend in this NOW economy — and doing it right — will continue to benefit with new customers, higher sales and stronger brand loyalty. All it takes is one great experience on a stressful shopping day to turn one-time shoppers into frequent, loyal and valuable customers.

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