Case Study

Raising the bar on their world-famous customer service with predictive arrival technology

From one store in 1901, to 379 stores in 2019, Nordstrom, a family-run business since its inception, has a customer-first culture, unlike any other retailer. And their hyper-focus on customer experience has led Nordstrom to place a priority on their eCommerce strategy. Over 30% of total sales now come from online orders. To keep pace with the competition, Nordstrom has always looked for new and innovative ideas to fuel their digital brand experience. One key area of focus is Curbside Pickup, which lets Nordstrom customers order-for-pickup, from the app or website, with orders brought directly to customers, by employees, in designated parking spots at stores nationwide. To power this pickup experience, Nordstrom has partnered with Rakuten Ready.

The Challenge

With the rapidly growing adoption of Order for Pickup by retail customers, Nordstrom wanted to be part of this trend and guarantee that they could implement a solution that allows employees to maintain the high level of customer service they are famous for. Nordstrom needed a solution that ensured curbside pickup went smoothly and delivered a seamless and enjoyable customer experience with low wait times that would drive repeat usage.

The Solution

Nordstrom implemented the Rakuten Ready ARRIVE platform in 2017. ARRIVE is a predictive arrival technology that provides a superior Order for Pickup experience by notifying store employees exactly when their customers will arrive. Employees then bring out and deliver the orders directly to customers in the designated parking spots. ARRIVE also provides real-time data to help Nordstrom monitor the performance of its Curbside pickup program and tools to optimize wait times so employees can focus on providing world-class customer experience.  

The Impact

Leveraging the ARRIVE dashboard and real-time data has given Nordstrom a much deeper level of insight into the impact of the Curbside program, not only on its sales but also on the impact of its famous customer experience.