Curbside is now Rakuten Ready: Enabling Merchants to Give Time Back to Shoppers

Jaron Waldman

Posted by: Jaron Waldman / June 24, 2019

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Consumers expect speed and convenience in shopping, and they’re more than happy to pick up at a store or restaurant themselves, when home delivery isn’t good enough. For merchants, offering up a seamless pickup experience is the secret ingredient to connecting with these mobile, on-the-go consumers, and to unlocking the tremendous pent-up opportunity of ordering-ahead. And it’s been our mission since Curbside’s founding.

Today, we are delighted to announce that Curbside is now Rakuten Ready.

A new name that reflects our continued dedication to exceptional order ahead experiences, as well as our new home at Rakuten, Inc.  and the brand power that is in our shared DNA – rewarding consumers with the time back and enabling merchants with industry-leading ecommerce tools to provide it to them.


A year ago, we joined Rakuten’s innovation-driven global ecosystem of over 1 billion consumers and merchants. As a founder, looking out at such an inflection point for your company is exciting, and also involves taking a leap of faith. Based on our collaboration over this past year, I could not be more confident of the opportunities we’re building with our new Rakuten colleagues, to enable our growing roster of partners to thrive in this mobile-first economy. Their success is our success.

Over the last year, Denis and I have grown our team with the unwavering support of Rakuten’s visionary leaders. Rakuten, Inc. founder and CEO Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani shares our belief in the enormous potential behind the convergence of mobile and offline retail, and our belief that geolocation data is going to be critical to the future of blended commerce. 

ARRIVE, which leverages our predictive arrival technology and machine learning from real-time customer activities, delivers a simple, cohesive mobile-ordering to brick & mortar fulfillment experience. Mobile is increasingly dominating e-commerce, expected to drive nearly 70% of all e-commerce – or $2.3T  in 2019 alone1.  Ordering Ahead is growing. According to Rakuten Intelligence, Order-ahead & Pick-up reached $27.2 billion in sales in 2018. And this market will only become more mobile.

Enabling mobile order-ahead with pickup, offers convenience for the customer and far better economics for the merchant. Saving final-mile delivery costs can mean keeping the 20% margin that you might otherwise give up.

Consumers are more starved for time than ever before, and shopping and dining have always required too much time. Whether you are waiting in line to order food, to checkout, or trying to find something across many aisles, technology can improve these experiences. At Rakuten Ready, we’re giving shoppers that time back, with the first platform that puts together a seamless online shopping and a great fulfillment experience when the customer arrives at the store.

We’re more than ready. Come join us.

Jaron Waldman, Co-Founder and CEO


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