Case Study

An Order for Pickup Companion

Businesses such as restaurants, grocers, and retailers want to know when a customer will arrive, so they can prepare orders ahead of time and optimize their order queue. Customers want to know when their order will be ready so they can plan their pickup and get it at peak quality (like hot french fries or still frozen ice cream). Brands usually have an app, while this is not the case for most other businesses. If a business does have an app, it typically provides basic eCommerce functionality, while brand apps that have all the bells and whistles will allow complex ordering flows, and features that improve operational efficiencies such as real-time customer communications, and curbside or in-store pickup capabilities.

The Challenge

Even if merchants want an app, they are not often technology, mobile, or geo-location experts – making it hard to create an app in-house that provides all the needed features. Without tools to predict when a customer will arrive, businesses cannot optimize their order queue to hand off food orders right when customers arrive or pack grocery items on-time, freeing up valuable space and resources. 

The Solution

Rakuten Ready developed the ARRIVE Mobile App so businesses, of all sizes, can provide a superior order for pickup experience by communicating order updates and optimizing the order queue, all without having to build and support their own app. It allows businesses to provide order updates to customers and to alert employees so they know exactly when customers will arrive. Customers can see order details, such as order number, order status, where to pick-up the order, and pickup time. Merchants get arrival information to ensure orders are being handed off right when customers arrive and at peak quality.

The ARRIVE Mobile App can complement any order pickup style from takeout to curbside pickup. 

Examples of how this can work:

Restaurant Orders for Takeout:  The customer places an online food order for pickup. When the customer is 5 minutes away (or whatever time the restaurant chooses), the restaurant is notified and the order gets dropped into the queue so it is ready right when the customer arrives and still hot and fresh. 

Grocery Curbside Pickup: The customer orders their grocery items and chooses a pickup window. Generally, the picking and packing occurs right away. Then, when the customer is en route to pick up their order, store employees are notified; at which point, an employee destages the prepared order, so it is ready as soon as the customer parks in their designated curbside parking space, and contactless handoff can be made. 

The Impact

With the ARRIVE Mobile App, merchants get all the same benefits of Rakuten Ready’s ARRIVE predictive arrival technology platform. They gain greater visibility on when exactly a customer is in transit and notifications when a customer has arrived to pick up an order. In turn, this allows employees to better organize and prepare orders for customer arrival. The addition of the ARRIVE Mobile App creates a seamless pickup process for both merchants and consumers that improves the overall order for pickup experience and brings new efficiencies to help improve revenue and profits.

Learn more about Rakuten Ready’s ARRIVE HERE.