Order Ahead Drive-Thru


Decrease wait times and increase throughput by adding Order Ahead drive-thru.


The true drive-thru

The days of long lines are over. ARRIVE allows you to more efficiently streamline order hand-offs with orders ready when mobile customers pull up.


Quick and contactless

With increasing demand for faster and safer food service, optimizing your drive-thru experience to increase throughput is a must. Turn your drive-thru into a mobile order pickup lane and serve more guests while minimizing contact for employees.

Don't get left behind.

Industry leading brands are saving money, saving time, and building stronger customer loyalty based on great experiences, all powered by Rakuten Ready. In the age of convenience and speed, order ahead technology is the way to win.

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  • 15%

    reduction in wait time by adding a pull away lane to the drive thru experience

  • 74%

    of consumers have visited a drive thru the same or more often than usual since COVID-19 started

  • 36%

    of consumers would like arrival technology for their mobile drive thru orders


  • Flexible rollout

    You can implement with or without new construction

  • Real-time analytics

    For data driven decisions

  • Scalable

    For businesses small or large

  • Customer satisfaction

    The ideal experience: fast, safe and seamless