Predictive Arrival Technology

Predictive, cloud-based location technology

Monitors each customer’s journey to make a constant determination on when they are approaching your locations. 

Always-on machine learning

Our machine learning models continue to learn and optimize over time using common travel patterns to provide the best accuracy and eliminate false alerts.

Near-zero battery drain

Our SDK works in the background without noticeably impacting battery performance, <1% on average.

Robust User Interfaces

Out of the box mobile application

Everything you need to get your customers connected with your Order for Pickup using the ARRIVE Mobile app.

Integrate your mobile application

Add ARRIVE to your native mobile app with a few lines of code with our easy to use iOS and Android SDKs. 

On-site visual console

View and manage all the pickup orders using ARRIVE Console. View customer arrival information, order details, communicate with customers, and more.

Order management

For cancelled or abandoned orders, our system supports optional endpoints to update status from your order management system.

Analytics Dashboard

View overview of current outstanding trips and completed trips across the company as well as individual sites. View key metrics across the sites using a variety of filters. 

Measure your key metrics

Access to data at a granular level such as the raw trip-by-trip data or aggregated information – trip duration, dwell time, and more. 

Alerts & Communications

Flexible system updates

Deliver real-time notifications to any in-store system via webhooks, SMS, or push notifications. Our ARRIVE SDK is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Auto check-in

Customers are automatically checked-in as they approach the site to provide the most seamless experience. For merchants, they use this check-in to complete the order saving time. 

Desktop checkout-friendly

Detect arrivals for customers who place orders on desktop or mobile web by having a deep link to your mobile app. 

Configurable alert times

Leverage alerts to time the drop of online orders to your POS turning your FIFO (first in first out) system into a FAFO (first arrive first out) one. For example, time orders to make sure the coffee is hot when the customer pulls up.

2-way communication

Both customers and associates can communicate around the order status. Customers leverage this to check-in.

Developer Friendly

Robust Development Platform

Our SDK enables the integration of predictive arrival into iOS and Android, as well as existing in-store systems or connectedPOS systems using Webhooks. 

Add to your mobile app with a few lines of code

Easy to use iOS and Android SDKs to embed capability into your mobile applications. The Curbside SDK performs at scale, running on millions of mobile devices.

Extensive documentation

Documentation covers a wide breadth of materials for those new to location technology. Guides include getting started guides, location services best practices, and more.

Customer Focus

Our customer success team is dedicated to making sure your deployment is successful. They’ll be ready to assist you if you have any trouble.  

Security & Compliance

Confidential Trip Information

Trip information among different companies is never shared with each other. Each company in our system can only analyze their own unique datasets. 


Individual trip data is never sold or shared with any third party. 

Non-invasive and anonymous

We do not require PII such as customer identity and information. Information such as name, phone number and vehicle information can be shared with us to provide context at the site around the order. This information is not permanently saved on our servers.