• Always-on machine learning

    Arrive learns common travel patterns to your locations to eliminate false alerts and improve reliability over time.

  • Flexible notifications

    Deliver real-time notifications to any in-store system via webhooks, SMS push notification or Amazon SNS. Our stores ops SDK is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

  • Two-way communication

    Implement constrained two-way communication flows with employees in-store. For example, create a ‘be right out’ message that employees can initiate when a customer arrives.

  • Customer-initiated alerts

    No mobile app? No problem. Customers can send an SMS or click a button on your mobile website to trigger arrival notifications.

  • Configurable alert times

    Leverage alerts to time the drop of online orders to your POS turning your FIFO (first in first out) system into a FAFO (first arrive first out) one. For example, time orders to make sure the coffee is hot when the customer pulls up.

  • Desktop checkout-friendly

    Detect arrivals for customers who place orders on desktop or mobile web by having a deep link to your mobile app.

  • Order management

    For cancelled or abandoned orders, our system supports optional endpoints to update status from your order management system.

  • Non-invasive and anonymous

    Customer identity and information is anonymous to us, requiring no PII. Reports from customer devices occur only when there is an active order.

  • Near-zero battery drain

    Our SDK works in the background without noticeably impacting battery performance, <1% on average.

  • Predictive, cloud-based arrival alerts

    Monitors each customer’s journey to makes a constant determination on when they are approaching your locations. Delivers alerts with an accuracy of over 98%.

  • Add to your mobile app with a few lines of code

    Easy to use iOS and Android SDKs to embed capability into your mobile applications. The Curbside SDK performs at scale, running on millions of mobile devices.

  • Measure dwell time and more

    Know how long customers spend at or around your retail locations, learn where your customers are located, and get fully detailed reporting viaCurbside Analytics.

  • Works with web views

    Includes a Cordova plugin to support embedded mobile web views inside native app containers.